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Passport Control | FALL 2017 PILOT

Passport Control | FALL 2017 PILOT

Passport Control is a comedic, political talk show as goofy as it is smart and Brown as hell. It's got a heavy dose of Middle Eastern culture but speaks to all minorities and, shocker: we're not all the same! We'll shatter some stereotypes while giving us Brown and minority folk a chance to respond to the political environment because, frankly, no one ever asks us. We're here to give you all the ammunition you need to shut down your racist uncle. And if you've got white guilt, you can come learn a thing or two and get a "woke AF" visa on us. Hosted by a Real Live Brown Person, Mehdi Barakchian! -- This season at BRIC TV we invite all of our fans and followers to help us choose the which shows to greenlight! Yes, you the BRIC TV viewer may have a hand in the determining which show exemplifies Brooklyn without boundaries. Starting on November 13, 2017 we will roll out several pilots for you all to vote on. They include:, Passport Control, Smuchr, Breaking News, and Hey How Ya Doin'. If you see a video you like, HIT THAT LIKE 👍 BUTTON! Voting ends on December 4, 2017. -- This video is from BRIC TV— the first 24/7 television channel created by, for, and about Brooklyn. It is the borough's source for local news, Brooklyn culture, civic affairs, music, arts, sports, and technology. BRIC TV features programming produced and curated by BRIC, an arts and media nonprofit located in Downtown Brooklyn, NYC. Watch more Brooklyn-centric content from BRIC TV: BK Live: Straight Up: BHeard: B-Side: Check out more from BRIC: Connect with us:
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