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Nick Jack Pappas is a freelance comedy writer who has written jokes for celebrities, awards shows, and politicians (though he can't name any of them because of various NDAs).

Nick's comedy writing and content can be found in The Washington Post, Politico, Buzzfeed, Nerdist, The Huffington Post, Mashable, College Humor, Vulture, and Teen Vogue. He was the humor columnist for Toastmasters and taught public speakers how to be funny at the 2019 International Convention.

HIs pilot "Party Mansion" was a Quarterfinalist in The Script Lab's Free Screenplay Contest 2022 and a Second Rounder in Launch Pad's Pilot Competition 2022. His pilot "Space Bar" is a Quarterfinalist in the Big Break Screenwriting Contest.

Nick is part of the sketch team "Yes, Chef, previously on UCB's Maude and performers at Montreal Sketchfest in May 2022. He was in an all-POC writers' room for the show Passport Control with Mehdi Barakchian, and he runs the Boogiemanja Directors' Program in NYC. Nick was chosen for the NBC Late Night Writers' Workshop in 2015.

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Half-Hour Comedy

After her mother passes away, an award-winning documentary filmmaker takes the only job she can find in Hawaii, directing the unhinged cast of the reality show "Party Mansion."

*Quarterfinalist in the TSL Free Screenplay Contest and Second Rounder in the Launch Pad Pilot Competition.


Half-Hour Comedy

After an eccentric billionaire buys the start-up company he works for, a young Chinese man must move from San Francisco to Utah and deal with the culture shock of the Mormon community.


Multi-cam Pilot

The regulars of a bar on Limbus, a rest stop between wormholes, share their experiences and lives with each other while working and drinking at the second-best human bar on the planet.

*Quarterfinalist in the Big Break Screenwriting Contest.

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“Being vulnerable in your comedy is powerful because it not only spurs the audience to laugh, it allows them to laugh in a sometimes difficult world.”

Nick Jack Pappas

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